Do It Yourselfer’s Best Friend

Central Undercar Automotive

Complete Struts | Cabin Air Filters | Brake Pads

Murr Doggs Division, Central Undercar Automotive LLC

We are a privately-owned company based in Decatur, IL that specializes in aftermarket part which are “do-it-yourself” ready for installation. We strive to be the kind of company that people enjoy doing business with and come back to year after year for their needs.

We realize that you can buy complete struts, brake pads, cabin air filters, or performance exhaust parts from one of dozens of online retailers. Why buy ours?  In one word:  SUPPORT. Our focus is complete struts, brake pads, cabin air filters, performance exhaust and we intimately know the products we sell and how to install them.

We want you to know exactly what to expect at every step of the way during the installation process. Because we have done many installations and scrutinized every detail of the process, we are confident that we can guide you through the process and save you a trip to the car dealer.

We know very well the kinds of things that annoy us about on-line shopping, and we do our best to avoid them. Things like:

  • Waiting days for orders to be shipped
  • Being bombarded with marketing emails after a purchase
  • Not knowing how long it’s going to take to get an order
  • Being forced to create an “account” to place an order
  • Having to check-out to see the real cost of an item (shipping and handling)
  • Orders packed with Styrofoam peanuts (yes, we know it’s a little thing – but we really hate it)

In general, we try to treat our customers the way we want to be treated.